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Day Care

We have a wonderful 2 acres of land, comprised of a grassy paddock and a woodland area. The main paddock is split into three sections, allowing us to separate the dogs into smaller groups based on their age and size. Our double stable block can provide a shady spot in the summer or a cosy 'nap zone' in the afternoon. 

One of the smaller paddocks will be primarily used as a puppy zone so that we can ensure safer play and extra enrichment to promote as much learning and development for pups in their early stages. We will be getting this area astro-turfed to keep the young ones as clean and dry as possible and to provide an area for 'de-mudding' at the end of the day!

The main paddock and woodland area will have an abundance of agility equipment and suitable toys to keep the dogs entertained and work on some new skills. Certain toys won't be used in 'group play' to prevent any possessive or overly competitive behaviour. 

There will be a 'nosey zone' and scent work in the woodland area to stimulate those all important senses of smell.   

A day care environment is a brilliant way for dogs to socialise, learn how to interact with both other dogs and humans, as well as burning off all that countless energy! Our staff will always be nearby for lots of cuddles and to capture action packed pictures so you can see what your dog gets up to every day. Human interaction has been suggested to improve a dogs confidence, reduce their anxiety and provide positive reinforcements.


What does a day in the life of Skinner's Strolls day care look like?

[8:00-10:00am] - Dogs arriving and settling in

[10:00-12:30pm] - Group play time, agility fun and letting off steam!

[12:30-1:00pm] - Lunch time for those needing a feed

[1:00-3:00] - Half day taxi service return and nap time

[3:00-4:00] - Enrichment/Sensory activities

[4:00-5:00] - Preparation for collection, full day taxi service return

Please contact us to arrange a FREE TRIAL. We trial every dog to ensure we are confident they will settle into a day care environment. Not only does this give you an opportunity to meet us and see where your dog will be every day but allows us to see your dog's behaviour in your absence. You can leave your dog with us for 1.5 hours, after which we will discuss how the trial went and if we're all happy we can organise a permanent spot at day care.

(Daily rates - EXCLUDING VAT)

Full Day Care (5-9 hours)

1 day a week = £30
2 days a week = £28
3 days a week = £26
4 days a week = £25
5 days a week = £24

Half Day Care (4-5 hours)

Half day care = £20

For this service all dogs must be with us by 10am latest. We don't offer half day as an afternoon slot due to the potential disruption to the pack.

Puppies (under 6 months)

Half day care = £25
Full day care = £40

As puppies need extra attention, often a lunch feed and frequent rest, this service will be more limited. We also have a separate 'puppy zone' where soft play and regular naps are encouraged!

2nd dog from the same household will get £5 off

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