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Our Story

If you hadn't guessed already, we are sisters...hence the name 'Skinner's Strolls!' In between studying at University we both worked summer jobs with dogs before deciding we wanted to do it full-time.  We have lived in Chalfont St Giles from a very young age and our passion for dogs encouraged us to start a dog walking business in September 2018. Although we've been very successful, we are excited to expand our business and open a brand new doggy day care where we can offer a safe, fun and stimulating environment for your furry family members. Over the past 7 years we have worked with a wide variety of dogs and have spent the last year (during multiple lockdowns!) improving our canine knowledge with online theory courses including; dog behaviour, dog first aid, canine physiotherapy and dog grooming.

We are very grateful to have this opportunity to bring a new and exciting business to the local area and we hope to bring as much joy to the dog's lives as they do to ours. We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly, caring and efficient service and we really hope this shines through as we get to know you all and continue to grow our business.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Laura Skinner


"I have always been animal MAD! I'll never forget Mum's face when I once carried a toad all the way home from school! 
Although I loved studying Sport and Dance Education at University, I always knew in my heart that I would end up working with animals. After getting bitten by a young tiger on a volunteer project, I decided that dogs were a safer option! 

Apart from stroking every dog down the street, I love spending time with family, burying my head in a jigsaw & playing football. Travel is also a huge love of mine and going on safari in Tanzania, seeing the animals in the wild was my dream come true!"

Daisy Skinner


"It's been my lifetime goal to find a job where I can spend everyday outside doing something that makes me happy. Surround yourself with dogs all day and this is a given! I effectively delayed my entrance into the 'corporate' world by sandwiching my Sports Science degree with two lots of travelling bouts! Climbing Machu Picchu & living with an Amazonian tribe were certainly unforgettable experiences!

I have loved coming back to the village where we grew up and starting a local business. 
If I'm not at the gym or on the football pitch you'll probably find me scouring the streets for the best flat white in town."

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Daisy O'Shaughnessy

Dog Walker

"Having been brought up with dogs throughout my childhood, it only felt right that I would have a pack of 5 of my own! I think I always knew I’d end up working in an outdoors job, I’ve never minded rain, hail, sleet or sun! Because that didn’t feel crazy enough, I also have 7 horses of my own, so when I’m not out dog walking with work or with my own pups, chances are I’m galloping through the countryside somewhere! Normally followed by Cosmo our working cocker spaniel and Comet our rescue border collie cross. In my eyes you can never have too many pets, not sure my other half agrees though…"

Georgia Owen

Day Care Assistant

Coming from an animal-mad household definitely inspired me to study and work with them. I completed my National Diploma in Animal Management and First Diploma in Animal Care. This then lead onto me managing a local kennels where I gained 14 years experience working with dogs. I'm a proud dog Mum to a wire-haired Vizsla called Pomme and we love taking trips to the seaside whenever we can!

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