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Clean and Green

Our Planet

After watching numerous David Attenborough documentaries (and being huge fans), we really need and want to do more to play our part in living a more eco-friendly way of life. We have done lots of research and got our creative juices flowing to come up with ways of running a greener business and way of life! Our Earth is our home and we want to do as much as we can to help conserve it.

All of our dog toys and equipment are either second-hand or we have made from recycled materials. 

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Investing in a water butt benefits the environment by reducing water from the main supply. Rainwater is also much kinder to plants than tap water as it has no minerals or chemicals added. For every mm of rain that falls on a square metre of roof, we get a litre of water. Therefore, for an average house roof you could collect 24,000 litres of water each year. Although this water may not be clean enough for the dogs to drink, we will use it to water our plants, rinse the dogs down and fill up our paddling pools in the summer.

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